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  • 15 Apr 2018 9:41 AM
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    Dave Cason (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    Thank you to everyone who came out to the flea market yesterday, I think it was one of the bigger ones we've had.  We had a ton of tables and sellers and it looks like everything went great.  Well, no one caught on fire and the riot police weren't called so I'm going to call that a win !  (grin)

    Big Thanks to Doug Howard - VE6CID who was our key-master and the liaison between us and the great folks at the Eastside City Church, that place is amazing.

    Also Special Thanks to Jim Leslie - VE6JF for once again being our ever-so-great table booker for the event, the man can sell !  Actually we found out after the fact that the church has more new tables built so maybe next year we'll be even bigger, We'll try to get a more accurate count for next year for you sellers .....

    Lastly Huge Thanks to Don Lloyd - VE3DD for helping us take your money, without him you wouldn't be getting in.  Without these people doing special little tasks that have to be done - none of it would ever happen.

    Also thanks to all the folks who stayed behind and helped us few put away all the tables and chairs, a few years ago I set them all up myself one morning and then me and the wife put them all away after and a couple of guys started to help us, it makes for a looong day.  When you start at 6:30 AM and have to set up 50 tables and 150+ chairs it makes a huge difference with a few more people helping.

    I heard good things about the hot dogs but was too busy to grab one, but I've had them before and they are great.  We had to get Jumbo Jim's in becasue we couldn't get enough volunteers to help us with the hot dogs and food like we have in the past but it seemed to be OK.

    Also, you guys better start thanking and shaking the hand of Frank Jones - VE6ZQ as well, becasue with HIM you would not have coffee at ANY of our events, there just isn't enough people around willing to help out and do that sort of stuff.  Yep, it's just coffee till you realize it's not there!

    Then, holy crap, what no coffee?!  Aaaaaah! (grin)


    Dave Cason


    CARA - VP

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