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Car Rally - Mapping using MAPS.ME or ORGANIC MAPS

Car Rally's are one of the popular events that a new HAM will find rewarding to attend.   It gives them practice using a NET, meet other like minded HAM's , and contribute to Community Service.

One of the requirements as a volunteer will be to ensure that you have an off-line map to use as a reference to find the Checkpoint, Blocker positions, and various way-point.   By off-line, I mean that there is often limited Cell phone coverage, which means that Google Maps is not a reliable resource. 

In Calgary, the Rally organizers provide detailed Rally course information in the form of KML files, which are posted in the Rally Recce.

If you are not familiar with KML files, or how to use them, do not fear.   The following is a quick and easy set of instructions on how to get set up. 

  • First, download the app MAPS.ME or Organic Maps to you phone.  These are free apps available on both iPhone and Android.
  • Next, email yourself the KML files that have been posted on the Rally Recce
  • Then, in your email, for each file select to open the file, and when prompted, select the app MAPS.ME as the default app.
  • Now that you have the KML files loaded, you can view the routes, waypoints, etc on the map.  
  • To select which files you would like to view, or hide, select Favorites.  Slide up the Bookmarks that are displayed and you can edit the list of files.



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