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Community Events

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, most community events have gone virtual.  Virtual events usually do not require Amateur Radio support

Prior to COVID, The Amateur Radio clubs and members were active in supporting local community events.  In some cases the events were dependent on the volunteers to ensure that the event happens. 

Following is a list of events that were in the local calendars and would always welcome volunteers.  Support from CARA is available for new hams if they need training or perhaps even a loan of a radio if required. 

Amateur Radio Community Events for 2022

February 26, 2022  2022 COOKIE RACE  Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
May 27-28, 2022  Rocky Mountain Rally  Kananaskis, AB
May 29, 2022  MS Walk Calgary  Princess Island Park Details to be provided...
Oct 29-30, 2022  Kananaskis Rally  Kananaskis, AB

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