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How to Get Training in Amateur Radio

Are you interested in getting your Amateur Radio Certification? 

The regular classes that CARA normally hosts have been put on hold pending the outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But in the meantime, what is a person to do to get their Amateur Radio Certificate?

Here are a few options:

1 - RAC is offering Basic classes for the summer of 2022:

2 - RAC is hoping to offer Advanced Classes in 2022.  Visit for current offerings.

3 - In addition, there are community provided self-pace training websites that may be of interest.

Is getting an Amateur Radio Certificate difficult?   
The Certification testing objectives and practice exams are available on line at the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada ISED website

The Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide

The Coax Publications Basic Study Guide includes all information required to pass the current ISED’s exam. The new 4th printing was reprinted and updated for the 2021 study season. 

Coax Publications Advanced Study Guide

Coax Publications also publishes the Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide (2nd Edition, 2nd Printing). Written to the same high standards as the Basic Study Guide, this book covers all questions in the Industry Canada Advanced Qualification question bank while providing needed context.

Coax Publications Advanced Study Guide

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