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Cochrane Winter Rally 2019

This is a place to upload pictures from the Cochrane Winter Car Rally.  See => for more details about the event.

Click here for the map of the event => /Resources/Documents/Rallys/Cochrane Map-2019-Feb17.pdf

19 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Apr 2019
  • Click here for PDF => /Resources/Documents/Rallys/Cochrane Map-2019-Feb17.pdf
  • CARA Comms Trailer deployed with Mast partially raised. Too cold and site not level to raise any further.
  • Net Control. Stephane VE6NR and Ian
  • Ambulance crew.. Grahame VE6PFL on his first rally, and the ambulance driver.
  • view of cars parked cars along Forest Trunk road at lunch station.
  • Lunch station with volunteers.
  • Lunch tent near Charlie staging site.
  • Lunch station. Ameer standing by Rescue 1
  • Rally staging and timing station.
  • This is when poor engineering meets -35°. The cord to the heater shattered. Ironic at best.
  • Ameer (VE6QAS) and his rig. Everything mounted on a board in the front seat.
  • Close up of Ameer's rig in the front seat. Can you can count the radio's? Notice the Battery on the floor.

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