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Jens VE6CDU sale

  • 22 May 2022 9:47 PM
    Message # 12790063

    Just got off a call with Jens. His phone number is 403-272-2120.

    He's mentioned to me that everything must go, so he's fire saling everything. Note that Jens does not take e-payment, cash only.

    A few things I saw when I was there last:

    - Numerous adapters and connectors
    - Homebrewed antennas
    - 1950's vintage signal generator
    - Diamond 2m/70cm/23cm power meter
    - A few older 80's vintage CRT TV sets
    - A Commodore CRT monitor
    - Numerous ATV (Amateur TV) downconverters and upconverters.
    - An incomplete ATV repeater
    - A large DC power supply with numerous switched outputs
    - Numerous parts
    - Rotator is still for sale

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