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Public Service & Ham Events (see blog below)

Amateur radio operators have a history of volunteering expertise and equipment to support others' activities - some are fundraisers for registered charities, others are individual club activities or competitions.   Participation is usually as part of a network, controlled by a central dispatcher "net control".

They also can be emissaries of the hobby, such as at community fairs and exhibitions.

Radio operators interested in participating in any of these, please monitor the CARA Events Calendar for news of upcoming events.

Equipment required for these events generally include a personal vehicle, a dual channel dual band cross band (VHF/UHF) 50 Watt mobile, and a dual band dual channel (VHF/UHF) 5 Watt handheld.

Blog posts

Public Service & Voluntering Events Blog

  • 07 May 2023 9:12 PM | Dana Harding (Administrator)

    <Original post was 2023-02-15, edited 2023-05-07 - Dana and Garry have taken this on.>

    Kids Cancer Ride

     Location Start finish at Water Valley but the route will be approx. 180 km each day
     Dates July 14th to 16th

    We will require 12 to 15 radio operators each day. More information as it becomes available.


    Dana Harding, VA6DJH

    Garry Spicer, VE6GDS

  • 19 Feb 2023 10:09 PM | Dana Harding (Administrator)

    Ghost of the Gravel is looking to explore some amateur radio support for a cycling event through the Ghost PLUZ.

    Event date is 18 June, 2023 - starting and ending in Water Valley, proceeding on roads up through the Ghost PLUZ.

    If interested or for more information please contact:  Derek Neabel VE6DLN   ve6dln @

    Event information:

  • 13 Feb 2023 5:32 AM | Peter LaGrandeur (Administrator)

    The Cochrane Winter Rally is fast approaching on March 11. CARA's comm trailer will again be deployed. If you are interested in learning about the trailer, and setting it up, and packing it up, please contact Peter at for details.

    This event is organized by the Calgary Sports Car Club.

    Here is a link to CARA's involvement in this event: 

  • 20 Jun 2022 8:38 PM | Neeroo Sharma-Hall

    Here is a link to the current operator roster.  Please advise of any errors or changes.


    Neeroo, VE6NRO

  • 30 Mar 2022 1:07 PM | Peter LaGrandeur (Administrator)

    The Banff to Jasper Relay is a running relay marathon from Banff to Jasper done in ~10 mile segments.   The relay itself is split in half so that the entire event can be completed during the daylight.  CARA has traditionally supported the 'South' portion from Castle Junction up to the Saskatchewan River Crossing.

    The date is Saturday June 4th, 2022

    Event information

    Please contact Robin VE6RBN   ve6rbn @  for questions or more information.

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