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Updated Photo Galleries on CARA website

  • 21 Oct 2020 10:42 AM
    Message # 9317405
    Patrick (Administrator)

    We have updated a view of the Photo Albums on the CARA website.

    The current method of posting pictures on is to add a new webpage for a new Photo Album created for an event, and then linking it to the menus under About Us -> Gallery.   

    The problem with this approach is that the menu grows as we add events, and is now pretty unwieldy. 

    In an attempt to make adding photos easier for members, and also more easily browse the albums, we have added a new approach. 

    A Photo Album Summary page has been created under the menu Resources -> Photo Albums.  So how is this different than the old method?

    This new web page has a list of the available albums, including a thumbnail gadget for each one that displays a few of the photos, plus a link to the album. By using the links in the web page, there is no need to clutter teh menu with a list of all of the individual albums.  We can still add the Albums for the more interesting or commonly used albums, but this is purely optional.

    In the meantime, we can create generic placeholders for members to add photos, and then organize them later if needed. 

    The first such album for this purpose is a Repeater Team album.  

    I have also added some additional new albums and placed some pictures to seed the album.  Any member can add photos, although I would ask that you shrink the photo size before uploading.  Please keep the size of the photo down below 1MB.  Thanks.

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