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Enjoy Amateur Radio | Serve Our Community web page update explained

  • 27 Aug 2020 12:01 PM
    Message # 9194315
    Patrick Spencer (Administrator)

    The front page for CARAHAM.ORG has several gadgets to allow members and the public to quickly see the most important information and summary of recent postings. 

    The Recent Round Table QSO's as an example consists of both public and members forums.  The content of this gadget will only show Members Forum entries when a member is logged in.  Otherwise it only shows public forum summary.  

    We also have a Volunteers gadget that summarizes the latest postings to public blogs for Rally's and potentially other event blogs.  These are typically open to the public so that non-CARA members can keep informed.

    A new gadget was recently added to break out the Shop and Swap, Tech Talk, and For Sale to Members forums in a separate window.  This moves some entries from the Recent Round Table gadget and frees up space for more topical QSO's. 

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