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RMR 2020 - Event Pre-Announcement

22 Aug 2020 5:30 PM | Garry Spicer (Administrator)

Rocky Mountain Rally 2020 - Save the Date!!!

Attention all Rally Radio Operators!

This has been a very challenging year for everyone, and I'm sure that we're all hoping for better things to come soon. Here is your chance to help start the trend.

We didn't get our usual weekend in Invermere this year, due to the pandemic. Plans are underway, however, for a Rocky Mountain Rally (RMR) in Kananaskis this fall. So, before the weather turns cool again, be sure to mark your calendars!

The intended dates for the event are 06 (Friday) and 07 (Saturday) of November, 2020. Recce and other opening activities are planned for the Friday, and a few radio operators are often needed to help with this part of the event. Only one day of racing will occur, on the Saturday. This is when the majority of the radio operations support is required. These dates are a little different than what we've seen at other recent rallies. Be sure to make the appropriate entries on your calendar.

There has been a little confusion about this event. To be clear, the RMR has been rescheduled to November and there are no plans for a separate Kananaskis Performance Rally (KPR) this year. So, RMR essentially replaces KPR for 2020. Since we'll only hold two rally events this year (we did the Cochrane Winter Rally back in March), we're working hard to make the autumn event a good one.

The planned RMR is to be held on the Powderface Trail and JumpingPound Demonstration Loop in Kananaskis Country. Experienced operators will recognize these roads as the course that has been used in previous years for the fall Kananaskis rallies. For this year's RMR, the Powderface Trail leg will likely be extended to include the entire 34km of this road. Rally HQ will likely be in Cochrane. This will add some new requirements to operating the radio communication nets.

While it will be only a single day of racing, the 2020 RMR is still a national series event. This level of racing typically involves more complex and challenging course roads for the rally drivers, which translates to more complex and challenging radio operations to support the event. We'll need plenty of radio operators to cover the extended Powderface leg, which will likely be broken into two "sub-legs" for some of the stages. This will make for some tight scheduling - there could be up to three active stages at a time. We're anticipating lots of interesting radio activity!

If you've read this far, then you've obviously found our new Rally Radio Recce Blog. As the new official distribution location for official rally information, details about radio operations for RMR 2020 will get posted here as they come available. Check back here regularly to ensure that you have all the latest information about the upcoming event. Let us know if you have any suggestions to help make this blog a better tool for distributing rally news.

Dana, VA6DJH
Garry, VE6GDS

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