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MS Bike (virtual)

  • 25 Jul 2020
  • 26 Jul 2020

This year, the MS Bike event has taken a virtual approach and won't have the same need for course support.   See the event page below for information about donating or participating if you'd like to.

MS Bike is a 2 day cycling event.  Airdrie to Olds, stay overnight in Olds, and then Olds back to Airdrie on day 2.

The event is a fund raiser for the MS Society.  There are large areas of the course where cellular coverage is marginal to nil, and the 'party line' aspect of a radio network over a well situated repeater is frequently highly useful.

Amateur Radio is deployed for course support - enhancing the communications ability for numerous mobile safety vehicles, SAG wagons (rider support), and the event's organizers and coordinators.  It is also a significant deployment of APRS equipment - using APRS primarily for location tracking.

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