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Kenwood TS-480HX – 200w base/mobile HF/50

  • 31 Aug 2021 1:42 PM
    Message # 10972597

    Kenwood TS-480HX – 200w base/mobile HF/50MHz Transceiver-SOLD!!

    This radio is one of the most desired for mobile use and highly sought after for remote operation, as Kenwood says “remote-able right out of the box”.  The HX version trades the tuner for a second rugged power amplifier. The 2 P.A.s are as close to continuous duty as you can get in a ham rig so it is ideal for digital modes as well as having twice the power of the typical mobile. Despite its compact dimensions, it delivers an outstanding punch of 200Watts with a pair of 20A 13.8V DC supplies (or one 35-40A supply). Separate wiring for each P/S. Its separate control head is perfect for a compact base station with the radio out of sight.

    This unit is in excellent condition, non-smoking and has never been run mobile. Only a couple of hours of operation on it, having being used mainly as a backup radio.  Includes mike, all cables, mobile radio bracket and an adapted desk mount for the control head.  I strongly recommend the installation of the CW filter and TCXO. 
     - original box manual and accessories (modified head mount)
     - CD with copies of manual, In-Depth manual, service manual, and ARCP480 remote software
     - unit is a recent B series S/N and has been updated to the latest firmware, not a very easy process.    The update has also eliminated the CW keyer lag issues that were observed in some units.

    Units without the filters are going for around $850 US so I think this is a fair price. 
    **TS-480HX  -   asking $775**
    YF107CN 170Hz CW filter (essential for FD, contests),
    plus  TCXO high stability oscillator (recommended for digital modes)  **$125 for both**
    I will consider slightly less for all. I won’t sell the filter/tcxo before the radio is sold. tnx Peter

    TS-480HX features:
    * 200W output (50 MHz: 100W) with DC supplies 13.8V x 2
    Power HF (AM): 200W (50W), 50MHz (AM): 100W (25W)
    * TX/RX 16-bit AF digital signal processing << excellent NB and DSP
    * Separate LCD control panel with built-in speaker
    * Continuous RX: 30 kHz to 60 MHz
    * TX covers all Amateur bands 1.8 MHz to 50 MHz
    * Other features include a TS-950-Class quad-mixer
    * PSK31 compatibility
    * Packet cluster tune (with TM-D700A)
    * PC-based remote control: ARCP-480 program enables PC-based control of transceiver functions, as well as the customizing of TX/RX equalizer curves
    * Twin (quiet) cooling fans, unit rarely gets warm under CW, SSB
    * Built in iambic CW keyer and push button CW memories for mini contesting

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