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52 foot Delhi tower

  • 01 May 2021 8:15 PM
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    My brother Eric, VE6EAW, purchased this used Delhi 52 foot tower a few years ago but never had time to put it up. Now he's sold his acreage so the tower has to go. It's disassembled and will be coming down to Calgary on May 4th.

    The tower does not come with the base stubs that would normally be embedded in concrete. But you can either purchase those or do what many hams do, and simply embed the lowest section of the tower in concrete. (that'd make sure it stays under Calgary's 50 foot tower limit)

    If you're interested I've attached a couple of photos, and a copy of the pdf brochure for these towers. After the 4th you can come look at it.  Contact me at my callsign at

    Joel, VE6EI

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