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RMR 2021 - Maps

28 Sep 2021 10:10 PM | Garry Spicer (Administrator)

Maps are important for events like this. On Rally day, there will be dozens of volunteers spread across dozens of kilometers. Radio operators will need to navigate during twilight and darkness in areas where signage is sparse. The maps we make for these events are intended to help you find your way, whether you are an experienced rally radio operator, or this is your very first rally event.

The links below are for .kml files. If you need a .gpx file or another format, there are various free online conversion tools available - a quick web search will find one that suits your needs. These are not image files. They are intended to be loaded into a GPS device, APRS software, or GIS software such as Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc. If you want to make a printable image, then load this file into the software of your choice and print your maps from that point.

This first file contains only a context map, and is for general navigation purposes only. It shows routes to/from the venue, key event facilities, and some of the areas where extra caution may be needed.

This second file contains only the blocker and control point locations on the course road segments.

For those who load these maps into GPS devices, it is suggested that you disable direction instruction features while at the event. Reading and understanding the map yourself tends to work much better in these isolated areas. Radio operators have reported that GPS devices frequently provide distracting, erroneous, or even dangerous directions in remote rally venues.

Garry, VE6GDS

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