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RMR 2021 - Waiver forms

23 Sep 2021 7:40 PM | Garry Spicer (Administrator)

Rally Radio Operators;

As part of the terms of participation as a volunteer, and to meet insurance requirements for the event, radio operators are required to complete certain waiver documents. Since our pre-op briefing will be virtual this time, we'll need to get these forms dealt with electronically. Please complete the appropriate forms and send them to the event registrar. Below are links to the forms, their French language equivalents, and the registrar's email address.

[Edit: The links below may not work reliably. Please see the UPDATE blog posting on this subject. - VE6GDS]

This is the general waiver for everyone.

This year we need to complete a COVID waiver as well:

Here is the required waiver for all persons not of the age of majority (i.e. minors) who will be volunteering or present with someone who is volunteering:

Finally, here is the waiver to be completed by the parents of minors:

Please complete these forms, as applicable to your circumstances, and send them to the event registrar. If you have any questions about the forms, please contact the registrar.

Here is the email address of the event registrar:

Garry, VE6GDS


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