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Presidents Message - May

10 May 2020 9:35 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

It’s hard to believe that just a little over 2 months ago the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic, which would result in countries around the world to start shutting in citizens, disrupting economies and people's livelihood. As time drags on it’s hard to know if this was truly an effective response to this corona virus, but one thing seems clear to me, if governments had not acted when they did, we may very well be in a much worse situation today.

As a result, we have minimized our in-person club activities and have taken some of those activities on-line with the help of internet based tools and on the air, leveraging our repeater system to stay in touch.

As we look forward to our new and ever evolving normal, I’m left wondering how much of our “old normal” we will find at the end of all of this.

Over the coming days and weeks, the club executive will be meeting to discuss how the government’s re-launch strategy for the economy factors in how we operate the club. There could be the possibility of re-opening some in-person events such as meetings, operating the club station, or getting together for work parties. We will have more details soon, but I want to remind everyone that we are not near the end of this pandemic, but rather just entering the next stage. It is evident to me that there is still a long road ahead, and it is entirely possible that we will never find our “old normal” at the end of this, but rather we will have forged “new normal” that we will have to embrace for quite some time.

Stay safe and stay home if you can. I hope that during this time you can embrace the hobby and find some joy and on-air camaraderie.

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