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2021 May Executive Committee Message

18 May 2021 1:30 PM | Peter LaGrandeur (Administrator)

From: Stephane VE6NR, Treasurer

Greetings members from the Treasurer’s desk.  This month I write to you, our executive message for the month of May.

Over the last couple of months, some great work has been done to establish a remote site with a storage container that is being used for the association's storage needs. The consolidation of our storage locations to one site has simplified our costs and needs. Just in time for a little spring cleaning and organizing of some of our less used but valuable items.

Also in the month of April on our website we transitioned our payment processing system from PayPal to AffiniPay, which enabled us to keep our website costs static, as well, simplify our payment processing, which is greatly appreciated by this treasurer.

A lot of things are moving forward, however many more things are on the back burner waiting for some volunteer time. As an executive we have also been discussing the merits of expanding the executive committee, as our bylaws do allow us to grow between 3 - 9 executive members. One of the possible pitfalls of doing elections every 2 years for a 2 year term is the possibility of a large changeover every 2 years. We have decided to try an annual campaign to recruit additional executive members for a 2 year term. This would ensure carry over from year to year with overlapping terms, and for the executive to dynamically grow and keep fresh minds and ideas at the helm without a complete change of the guard to ensure continuity.

Please join us at this month's General meeting where we will be discussing this new approach to the executive committee, and discussing the merits and opportunities to add your voice to the executive committee in the coming months. Elections will continue to be in June, however will become annual instead of the current bi-annual.

73 de VE6NR
Stephane, Treasurer
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