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2020 CARA Station, Hailstorm and Flooding

On June 13, Calgary North East experienced an "epic" hail and rainstorm .

This left the CARA Station with water in the basement and a call out to the volunteers to remediate the situation.

This and several following days saw a number of volunteers assisting in taking care of the moisture in the basement as well as remediating surface water in the parking lot and surrounding field.     

The first 11 photos show the water and shack on Saturday the evening of the big flood.  It turns out that 3 of the 4 sump pumps were not working, but the main source of the flood water was from teh stairwell.  It filled up with both with Hail and rain, but also the groundwater breached the stairwell and it ran into the doorway.

2020 Station Site Flooding

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Saturday Evening. Water in the shack
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