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Kananaskis 2021 - Test Day Post Action Report

19 Jul 2021 10:08 PM | Dana Harding (Administrator)

Some events are coming to a start!

This past Sunday morning, a hearty group of people were up early and headed out to Kananaskis to participate in and to support a Rally Test Day put on by the Calgary Sports Car Club.

Recent weather has been hot with a background haze of smoke from distant wildfires. The early morning provided a brief reprieve from the smoke with dense fog and mist, which had mostly gone by 09:00. Overall a cooler day than expected, with a brief interlude of sun in the afternoon.

There were approximately 10 teams participating with cars who ran 120+ test runs over the ~7.5 hours we were on the course.  The cadence kept the road, and the radio channel, busy.

This was a great day to be out in Kananaskis - and I even managed to wrangle another couple potential spectators for RMR when a couple of young gentlemen, out for a drive in the area, stopped and asked about what had been going on after they had spotted a rally car.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come as we progress towards the Rocky Mountain Rally on 9 October 2021.    Information about that, and any other test days that come up, will be posted here.

Dana,  VA6DJH

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