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RMR 2021 - Registration Now Open!

02 Apr 2021 11:32 PM | Dana Harding (Administrator)

Registration Now Available!

The Rocky Mountain Rally volunteer registration webpage is now available. Here is the information you will need to sign up as a radio operator for this event. If you follow this URL it will take you to the main RallyWest page:

From there click on "Events" in the upper left of the page and you will be taken to a set of images for upcoming RallyWest events.

Click on the picture for the Rocky Mountain Rally to get to the rally information page. Here is a shortcut:

Click on the Volunteers dropdown at the top of the page, then click on Volunteer Registration. This will take you to the Volunteer Registration page. Here is a final shortcut:

Scroll down and look for the "To Sign Up" link beside the blue vertical bar. Clicking on this link will take you to the registration page with the title Rocky Mountain Rally Volunteer Signup

This link will generate a unique tag in the URL.  If you bookmark the link you get after this point, with that unique tag in the URL, you'll be able to go back to your registration record and make updates later. Note that clicking on this link more than once means that you are signing up more than once!

If you are considering coming to volunteer as a radio operator, then please complete the signup page. If you're not sure you can make it, then indicate in the Comments text box that you are "tentative" for now, but please do sign up. If we have no registration information for you, then it's difficult to assign a role or to contact you if there are urgent changes.

When indicating the radio equipment that you plan to bring to the rally, try to be as generic as possible. It's much easier to deal with "50 watt mobile radio with APRS and a quarter wave magnetic mount antenna" than a bunch of make/model numbers with which we may not be familiar.

Finally, please double check that the email address and phone number(s) that you enter on the registration form are correct. Messages that bounce back at us are not getting to you! It's also important to have valid contact information, should a change occur at, or just prior to, the event.

To accommodate feedback that we have received, we will try to keep the number of mass emails to a minimum. We will usually post material here in the Rally Radio Recce Blog where everyone can find it at their own discretion. That means it is up to you to check here regularly so that you have the latest information. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

We hope you'll be joining us for a great time at the Rocky Mountain Rally!

Dana, VA6DJH
Garry, VE6GDS


  • 03 Apr 2021 4:58 PM | Garry Spicer (Administrator)
    We already have some registered radio volunteers for the Rocky Mountain Rally! Thanks to those who signed up so readily. Dana and I appreciate knowing we have such strong support for these events. Let's get those COVID numbers going down so that we can get out in May and rally!
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