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Harris RF-230 Channelized Transceiver For Sale

  • 05 Feb 2020 4:30 PM
    Message # 8729318

    I have quantity 2 - Harris RF-230 Channelized Transceivers, complete with 12VDC 30amp power supply and hand mic.  Freq is 1.6 to 30 MHz at 125 watts.  Mode are SSB, CW and AM.

    Asking $250 for each transceiver and power supply unit.

    For the first sale, I will also throw in the Harris RF-231Auto Antenna tuner.  I have only one antenna tuner.

    Manual available on this web site

  • 06 Feb 2020 2:30 PM
    Reply # 8731208 on 8729318
    Ritchie Long wrote:

    The question was asked . . .

     What condition are the radios and tuner in?’

    The answer . . .  

    The units are is good condition. Cosmetically they look new. One was used as a data radio for about 2 years in the late 90’s. The other was a maintenance spare and had only been used to make a few QSOs by myself. 

    The coupler was removed from service with the data radio and I have never gotten around to cleaning it up. I have never checked inside to see its condition. 

    I had both power supplies power up about a year ago when I thought I would repurpose them. Came across another high amp power supply instead. 

    I had always planned to make the mods to remote the channel switches out to the front panel of the power supply unit so any channel could be used. If memory serves me, one unit has 32 channels and one had 16 channel. Channels are determined by plug in cards up to a maximum of 32 channels. 

    These radios are beasts. You could drive a tank over them. 
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