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( inclusion of a link on this page does not constitute an endorsement by CARA )                                                       American Radio Relay League.                                                          Radio Amateurs of Canada.                                                  QCWA. Quarter Century Wireless Association.                 QCWA. Wild Rose Chapter 151, Calgary.                                     Calgary Communications Club.                                                  Southern Alberta Repeater Association.                                                          Foothills Amateur Radio Society.                                                          NTF Communications, Calgary. Local ham radio dealer.    Industry Canada. Amateur Radio Information.                                                        QRZ is all about ham radio. Set up your own ID page here.                                  On line Canadian amateur radio license exam practise.                                           On line Canadian amateur radio license exam practise.                                 Canadian amateur radio Basic qualification study guide.                                   VE6/VA6 QSL Bureau. Incoming cards only.                                                           Automatic Packet (Position) Reporting System. (GPS).                                                    Avmap GPS. See G6 model for ham radio APRS. (GPS).                                   LDG automatic RF tuners for most transmitters.                                 MFJ amateur radio equipment and devices.                           Cushcraft ham radio antennas.                              Diamond ham radio antennas.                                              Elecraft amateur radio equipment and devices.                                      ICOM amateur radio equipment manufacturer.                                               KENWOOD amateur radio equipment manufacturer.                                                 YAESU amateur radio equipment manufacturer.                                             Amateur Electronic Supply. (everything for ham radio).                      West Mountain Radio. Ham radio accessories.                                         Ham Radio Outlet. (everything for ham radio).                                      Alinco amateur radio equipment and scanners.                                  Canadian ham radio store in Whitby, Ontario.                                          Canadian ham radio store in Toronto, Ontario.                            Ham radio operational guide booklets and equipment.                                                       QSL cards on line.                                                  Another interesting ham radio site.                                                    Another interesting site with a swap meet or flea market.                                 Another interesting ham radio site.                                        Solar flares, etc. How they effect radio communications.                            Contest logging software.                                            Regular logging software.                                       Glacier-Waterton hamfest in July each year.                                     Unique DX organization provides DX opportunities.                                Unique color DX wall map and DXCC country list.

VE6TF@RAC.CA                                                   Accredited examiner for Industry Canada ham radio exams.

VE6AFO@CIA.COM                                             Accredited examiner for Industry Canada ham radio exams.




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