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Selling off complete station

  • 10 Jan 2022 12:03 PM
    Message # 12252753

    Clearing out and closing my station. Prices as stated, or best offer. I will entertain bundle requests. Everything is in good condition and was working.

    <<Sold>> West Mountain Radio Rig blaster 

    <<Sold>> West Mountain Radio Rig blaster advantage 

    <<Sold>> J. H. Brunnell straight key 

    Palomar Engineers R-X noise bridge $20

    <<sold>> Ameritron ARB-704 amp relay buffer 

    <<Sold>> Kantronics KPC-9612 packet modem 

    Yaesu G-800s rotator $300

    Realistic HTX-212 two meter mobile $50

    <<Given away>> Kenwood TW-4000a dual band radio 

    Armaco SWR meter $25

    <<Sold>> Microna SWR meter 

    <<Sold>> 4 way co-ax switch

    Three Low pass filters $50 each

    <<Sold>> Small remote speaker 

    <<Sold>> Avanti two way co-ax switch 

    RCA remote speaker $5

    <<Sold>> 100 watt dummy load 

    <<Sold>> Heil foot switch

    <<Sold>> Yaesu FT-411e two meter hand held. 

    VHF Engineering 12 volt 10 amp power supply $30

    Astron RS-20 12 volt 20 amp power supply

    <<Sold>> Icom IC-746pro HF 

    72 foot Delhi tower. 48 foot DMXHD plus 3 straight #5 sections. Yaesu G-800s rotator, two 100 foot runs of ½ inch hard line. Requires removal $600

    13 elem. 2 meter home brew antenna (still on tower) $100 (available when tower removed)

    HyGain TH3 senior $300

    Older SteppIR 3 element with 6 meter option and 40 meter hair pin option. $500

    Please feel free to contact me by email

    Or by phone (403) 286-2994


    Peter J. Larsen


    Last modified: 11 Jan 2022 10:40 AM | Peter Larsen
  • 12 Jan 2022 4:51 PM
    Reply # 12258513 on 12252753
    AMEER SHAIKH (Administrator)

    just wondering if the yaesu rotator comes with the Control head, cables etc.  


  • 13 Jan 2022 10:27 AM
    Reply # 12260116 on 12258513
    AMEER SHAIKH wrote:

    just wondering if the yaesu rotator comes with the Control head, cables etc.  


    The rotator that is off the tower comes with the control head, I haven't been able to find the cable and connectors yet. There was only about 50 feet as it was on my short tower. If I find the cable it will go with the rotator.  

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