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Motorola XPR4550 & XPR7550 - DMR

  • 13 Feb 2021 9:43 PM
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    I recently purchased all of Husky Sunrise's used radios with a desire to help promote DMR in Calgary.  I am hoping to sell the majority of the radios that I purchased at a discounted rate from what they are selling on the open market to provide CARA members with access to economical, good quality digital UHF radios.  I have the following for sale:

    • ~20 Motorola XPR4550 25W UHF Mobile Radio AAM27QNH9LA1AN; used, but in box and in good condition complete with with bracket, microphone, and power cable.  $120 each; option bundle antenna & mag mount for $150 each.
    • ~3 ~20 Motorola XPR4550 25W UHF Mobile Radio AAM27QNH9LA1AN; used without box or microphone.  $75 each
    • ~14 Motorola XPR7500e 4W UHF Portable Radio AAH56RDN9KA1AN; used in good condition and does not come with battery.  $100 each.  Will include battery charger (listed below)
    • ~33 Motorola IMPRES XPR7550 Battery Charger WPLN4243A c/w power adapter.  $20 each
    • ~20 MAXRAD 380-520MHZ MWU4002S; new in sealed packaging. $50 each
    • ~19 Motorola RLN6097A Mag Mount adapter with mini UHF; new in sealed packaging; $10 each
    • ~19 Motorola HKN9407A Cigarette Lighter Adapter for XPR4550 Mobile Radio; $10 each
    • ~33 Radio Mount that fits over the back of a seat; powered coated steel; often used in industry by radio companies that rent out radios. $10 each
    • ~5 MAXRAD MBS 36522 Base Station Adpaters to provide a ground plane; new in sealed packaging. $10 each
    • ~5 SAMLEX SEC1212 Switching DC Power Supply 10A at 13.8VDC.  New in box.  $150 each
    • ~6 POLYPHASER IS-B50HN-C2 Coaxial Lighting Surge Protector. $25each

    I thought I would list most of the equipment I have.  I intend to keep a few radios for myself and my son who is also a HAM.  I do not want to sell items in quantity to one person as the pricing above covers my cost to acquire these radios and my preference is to promote amateur radio in Calgary rather than turn a profit.

    I also am looking at help developing a good Calgary "CodePlug" for the XPR4550 and XPR7550 to promote DMR.  I am working on this and will continue to do so.

    If you are interested, please email me at or phone me at 403.400.0995.  Thanks!

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