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Radios & Accessories from VE6BV Estate - with pricing

  • 27 Apr 2019 1:13 PM
    Message # 7306709

    There are more items of all sorts which will be added later, so check back occasionally! Also several amplifiers. Most of the amps are "projects," not suitable unless you have good technical skills. For information on the amplifiers, please contact Gerard VE6ZZZ or Peter VE6KK at  For everything in the list below you can contact me, Joel VE6EI, at

    We are open to offers on everything, but please no "low-ball" offers!

    Drake TR-3          $300
    With RV-4 remote VFO/speaker and AC-4 power supply. Tested & working OK. All in decent condition though could perhaps use an internal cleaning to bring the beautiful copper chassis back to its original shine. 

    Icom IC-765        $650
    With user manual and optional AM filter. In very good condition. Includes built-in power supply and tuner.

    Icom IC-761        $550
    In very nice condition, a real classic. With original box. Includes built-in power supply and tuner.

    Icom IC-271A     $350
    2 metre all-mode rig. In very good condition, with microphone & manual. 

    Icom IC-756 ProII             $750
    With matching  PS-125 power supply and hand mic. In overall good condition with two exceptions. The receiver front-end was damaged at one point and repaired. If transmitting on the higher bands (15-6m), you need to dial in some Rx attenuation or the Tx will oscillate. Also, it appears some damage was done to the tuner's controller chip. The tuner is fine (you could sell it separately) but it's not getting the right signals from the chip.   

    OR if you have a spare ProII CTRL board in good shape, let me know! 

    Drake CC-1, TC-2 and TC-6. Offers
    Receiving converter console with 2m and 6m modules. Also TC-2 and TC-6 transmit converters. With manuals.

    Several other rigs not yet evaluated or awaiting some repairs, including a Drake TR-7A, TS-850Sat, TS-940S, FT-990, HW-100, FT-101E. Give me a call if interested in any of them.

    Icom PS-55          $125
    Very nice condition 20 amp linear power supply, with 6 pin plug. Matches the IC-735 or 745, but will work with any 100w HF rig with the standard 6 pin connector.

    Oskerblock SWR-200B       $60
    Good condition meter, with recent calibration done. Separate power and SWR scales.  Black front panel.

    Heath V-7A         $offer
    Heathkit VTVM, no probes. Powers on but not tested.

    Heath SG-8          $offer
    Heathkit RF signal generator. Mechanically in good shape but no RF output. 

    Amplifiers include:
    Two TMC AutoTune amps
    Homebrew with 4CX250
    Homebrew with 1 x 813
    Homebrew with 2 x 813
    Homebrew with 3 x 813
    Homebrew with 2 x 3-500Z

    I have some photos of the amps I can send if you are interested, but for any technical or sales questions please contact either:

    Gerard VE6ZZZ  or
    Peter VE6KK at 

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