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Various interesting ham items!

  • 13 Jan 2019 4:26 PM
    Message # 6998794

    Sherwood Engineering CD 1.6K/8 filter     $60        1.6 kHz narrow SSB filter removed from my Drake TR7, in good condition. Great for the very noisy bands these days!

    1Watter 30m Kit               $60        30 metre QRP kit, new & unassembled, from $49 USD on their site + exchange, GST etc. Very popular & fun superhet kit, complete with keyer. Add your own case & hardware.

    10 MHz TRF Receiver & Preamp   $60        Unassembled kit to build the project documented in February 2018 QST magazine. I've already built one, have two more! Basically a very narrow 10 MHz filter & amplifier. If it can hear WWV it will give you a highly accurate 10 MHz sine wave you can use to calibrate your own 10 MHz TCXO, OCXO or rig. Add your own case & hardware.

    Contact me using my callsign @ or 403-701-9727

    Joel, VE6EI

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