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Website Moved!

The CARA website has been moved!

This is the OLD CARA website and it will not be maintained or updated. Please go to our new website at http://www.caraham.org .

This OLD site will remain live for several months to allow copying of any useful information.

Welcome to CARA

Welcome to the Calgary Amateur Radio Association.  CARA is dedicated to the HAM community of Calgary with the support of multiple repeaters in and around the Calgary area and our club station VE6AO which is a premier contesting and DX station.

If you're into sailing the high seas or offroading in the middle of nowhere, HAM radio could help be your link to the world.  Sailors can use Amateur radio from the middle of the ocean to contact the mainland and help keep others informed of their progress.  If you find yourself in trouble, Amateur radio can be another link to get help using HF (High Frequency).  Those offroading in the middle of nowhere can use VHF/UHF to call others to let them know their status.

Members of CARA take part in many public service events every year. Events like the Great Canadian Cookie Race and the Calgary Winter Car Rally. For a complete list of events and who to contact to help out, go to the public service page.

Are you interested in becoming a Ham Radio Operator? CARA holds classes twice a year starting in October and January. Go to the education page for more information.

Our Mailing address is:

Calgary Amateur Radio Association
ATTN: Jean Spenard (VA6JRS)
Box 592, Station "M"
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 2J2

Last Updated on Thursday, 17 March 2011 11:07
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