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Presidents Message March 16, 2018

16 Mar 2018 9:53 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

What a month of activity for the club and it’s members!  With the Cookie Race, Cochrane Winter Rally, Casino all behind us with the help of very many volunteer hours to make those events work like clock work… Great job everyone involved, especially Tony Mountjoy VE6MX, Dana Harding VA6DJH, Garry Spicer VE6GDS, Dave Cason VE6DED our volunteer and event coordinators.  Fantastic work team… you clearly knocked the word “amateur” out of amateur radio.

All this in addition to all the other regular club activities going on such as the various group meetings (general, special interest groups) and the presentations at each of them, radio contests, nets, work on the website and Key Klix, and many more things that is creating a buzz within the club.  I am continued to be amazed and impressed by the efforts put in by members.  Let’s all try to make sure the same 10 percent aren’t doing all the work, I call to all members to contribute where you can…. Every little bit counts.

As we prepare for the Flea Market which takes place on April 14th, we are still looking for some volunteers to help at the door, setup and tear down, etc… If you are interested in contributing some time to a great event for the Amateur Radio community, please e-mail your club executive:

But that is not all…. We have been working with Pat Spencer VE6PDS on some behind the scenes changes to our website, and now it’s time to look at making changes that are more visible.

2018 will be an exciting year of change for the CARA website.  The website has a long history and it is time to do some housecleaning and implement some changes.  The list of improvements that we are planning include a more efficient menu, better mobile support, less confusion on where “Members-only” content is located, and a general cleanup of old data.

There will also be an update this year to the Wild Apricot hosting software that will greatly improve our ability to manage access to the website for content contributors.  We expect to see a lot smoother operation of the overall website management going forward. 

We will be adding a new Blog for communicating Web Site Updates that will allow members to track what changes have been made.  When the changes are implemented, members can review the details and avoid unwelcome surprises.   

In the meantime, you may see minor changes as we ramp up the preparations and get closer to a refresh.

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