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President's Message January 24, 2018

24 Jan 2018 11:06 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

I wanted to wish every one of you a happy new year and welcome to 2018. 

This has been an incredibly busy time over the last month with getting myself up to speed with all the club activities in motion.  It is truly incredible to me how many volunteers are constantly keeping busy with all the various activities the club is involved in.

The Club station is active and I had the joy of operating the club station remotely for the RAC Winter contest in December with other club members and guests and it was a blast.  If you haven’t considered what the club has to offer there, please make sure you reach out to the club station group who keeps the station in working order.

Speaking of operating the club station remotely, we currently have an Advanced Class which began this month.  You require your advanced license to operate the club remotely.  There is no better chance to obtain your advanced license then through our instructor led class that CARA promotes.  If you did not have a chance to join the class however and would be interested in a future class, be sure to let the CARA Executive and Education Coordinator aware of your interest so that we can consider future Advanced Classes.

The Executive held another meeting in early January to review the remainder of the 2016 Casino Funds and have allocated the remainder of the funds to submitted club projects.  Funds were approved to restore the repeater network into the Kananaskis (AQA) with a link through Wildcat Hills (AUY) and back to Calgary (RYC).  I could not describe a better project which promotes Amateur Radio then one that provides HAMs the ability to use handhelds or mobiles to communicate where there is little to no cell phone coverage.  I look forward to the links coming up over this spring and summer season.

There are some upcoming club sponsored events that will be or has been looking for volunteers.  Be sure to reach out to the event organizers over the coming weeks.  More information will be posted on the website as we approach these events.

2018 Cookie Race – Saturday, February 24th

2018 Cochrane Winter Rally – Sunday March 4th

2018 CARA Casino – Thursday March 8th, and Friday March 9th

2018 CARA Spring Flea Market – Saturday, April 14th

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