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  • 16 Oct 2018 10:27 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    I think many of you who attended the September CARA General Meeting will 

    agree with me  that it was a wonderful presentation from the AlbertaSat team of 

    the University of Alberta.  Many thanks to Callie and Katelyn who drove down 

    from Edmonton to give this great presentation on the Ex-Alta 1 and the 

    upcoming Ex-Alta 2 satellite.  We were fortunate to see the team connect and 

    interact with the satellite during the presentation as the sattelite passed 

    overhead of their ground station located at the UofA in Edmonton.

    The upcoming CARA General Meeting which will be October 23rd

     at 7PM will begin with a presentation  by David James, VA7VK/VK3IA titled 

    "Communications and life at Macquarie island 1901 to today." Please see the 

    event description on the CARA website for a summary of David’s talk. His 

    presentation will be followed by our Annual General Meeting where we will 

    review the club’s audited finances.

    This past september several members of the amateur radio community 

    participated at the Edgemont Community Association event on Safety and 

    Preparedness.  Amateur’s from several clubs presented the capabilities and 

    opportunities that amateur radio provides. Great work everyone on sharing 

    with the greater public what our hobby and what a vital service we can 


    At the end of October, CARA is supporting the Calgary Sports Car Club in their 

    annual Kananaskis Rally.  If you are free on October 28th and would like to 

    volunteer as a radio operator for the event, please visit the posting on our 

    website for more information:


    There has a been a lot of discussion and activity in relation to the CARA 

    Communications trailer.  This is a trailer which can be utilized at a 

    variety  of events 

    for establishing a communications link across amateur radio.  Over the past 

    year, the trailer has been deployed at public service events and field day on 

    behalf of CARA and has even been used by the greater amateur radio 

    community to demonstrate the communication capabilities of amateur radio at 

    emergency preparedness events such as Disaster Alley and the Edgemont 

    Emergency Preparedness events.  We continue to leverage this asset and 

    improve on its capabilities. If you are interested in the trailer’s capabilities and 

    are interested in helping the Communications Trailer Teams initiatives, please 

    reach out to the team by contacting participating in the Comm Trailer Forum on 

    the members section of our website.


    Thank you,

    Stephane Raimbault

    CARA - President

  • 10 Sep 2018 10:04 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    Greetings all and welcome to September. I hope everyone had a good summer despite all the smoke from the terrible fires in BC. I hope you were able to find reprieve from the smoke.

    I am excited for another season with the club to get started. The new CARA Executive Board has met both in early August and early September to ensure that club business is continually progressing; we are looking to provide more updates at the upcoming general meeting(s).

    For the September general meeting we are pleased to receive the University of Alberta’s AlbertaSat team ( for a presentation of their work on ExAlta-1 which is currently in orbit monitoring space weather and their upcoming ExAlta-2 which will predict and detect wildfires. Our general meetings are open to both members and non-members so please come on down to the Calgary Sports Car Club on September 25th. More information will be posted on our website as we get closer to the date.

    The CARA Executive Board is currently reviewing all our non-elected roles within the club to ensure all key roles are filled. We will be posting more information on the website as we review the vacant roles that are available. In the meantime, if you would like an increased role in the club or would like to help coordinate events within the club, please contact the CARA Executive Board ( with your expression of interest and we will match you to a vacant role that suits your interests.

    Thank you,

    Stephane Raimbault

    CARA - President

  • 17 Jun 2018 8:42 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    I can’t believe it is already June and the executive elections are upon us.  I have had a wonderful time seeing the club from a new perspective over the last few months.

    I was at first hesitant putting my name forward as I have never been involved at this level in an organization such as this one.  Being that I was filling a position that was recently vacated, I saw this as a trial run to see how things went leading up to the elections… so after 7 months, my interest in both the hobby and the club have only grown, and I look forward to leaving my name stand at the upcoming election for a full 2 year term if the membership so desires it.

    I have been continually impressed with all the various activities that the Club and its members partake in, which has kept things quite busy.  Thank you to all the volunteers which make things like the Flea Market, Field Day, Casino fundraiser, Cookie Race, Cochrane winter rally, Rocky Mountain rally, Banff-Jasper relay, the various general meetings and other special interest group meeting topics, the Repeater Group which keeps the repeaters functioning, the DX Group, which maintains the wonderful station at the Calgary Sports Car Club for members to use, and all the various public service events that our club members partake in beyond the ones directly supported by the Club.

    The next general meeting, which takes place on Tuesday, June 26th at the Calgary Sports Car Club, is an important one for several reasons.  This meeting is where the election will take place to renew and welcome new members to the executive, which will guide the club over the next 2 years.  It will also signify a milestone for the Club where we are returning our general meetings to the Calgary Sports Car Club after the concerns regarding the mold has been addressed, and we look forward to maintaining this environment moving forward to ensure a safe and enjoyable space to welcome members.

    We will be hosting a ‘mobile radio check out’ prior to the meeting, so come by early (6:30pm) for checking out your mobile setup.

    I look forward to seeing all of you at the final general meeting of this season before we break for the summer months of July and August.

    73 de VE6NR

    Stephane Raimbault

  • 15 May 2018 9:43 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    May has arrived and just like that we have broken out of winter and right into what already feels like summer!

    Over the last couple general meetings, I was disappointed that our membership attendance has fallen below quorum.  This makes it difficult to effectively run the club and address club business items that come up. I encourage the general membership to attend the general meetings not only for the interesting presentations but to also get an update on what the club is working on and get your voice heard on what we could change to make it even better for everyone.

    If you have not been able to attend the last few meetings, please make an extra effort to attend the upcoming general meeting in May and especially the one we will have in June, as we will be conducting our biennial executive election.  We are looking for interested individuals that would like to join the executive. Although most of the executive have indicated they will have their name stand for re-election, there will be some that have decided to take a step back and we encourage the membership to consider participating with the executive and help make decisions on club business during a 2 year term.

    I am pleased to see some positive momentum in establishing a CARA Field Day event.  It will take place at the Military Museum just as last year. It may be a scaled down event compared to last year as we have not had a large turnout of volunteers, as of yet.  If you are interested in participating at the Field Day this year, please stay tuned to the website and more information will be posted shortly.

    Rocky Mountain Rally in Invermere is happening May 25 - 27th.  I understand that there are several radio volunteer opportunities still available at this wonderful event and I encourage you to consider this event.  There is additional information posted in the general forum on the CARA website for this event.

    Thank you and see you at the next general meeting!

    73 de VE6NR


  • 17 Apr 2018 9:32 AM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    The CARA Spring Flea Market has come and gone for another year and wow, what a wonderful event thanks to the sponsors, vendors, participants and of course those that volunteered to help organize and setup the event.  Thank you to all and it could not have been a great success with all the pieces that we had, especially those that volunteered; Dave VE6DED, Doug VE6CID, Jim VE6JF, Don VE3DD, Frank VE6ZQ; and many others!

    We had approximately 250 participants with over 40 vendor tables and some very lucky Hams who won the raffle and 50/50 door prizes.  Anis VA6TUN won the Yaesu FTM-400XDR and Akin VA6ATA took home the FTM-3200R.  Another lucky winner is Neil Brown who won the 50/50.  Congratulations to all 3 of you and thanks once again for our sponsor Radioworld Central for working with the club on such great raffle prizes!

    As we prepare to support the upcoming public service events such as the Rocky Mountain Rally and the Banff-Jasper Relay I encourage all members to keep a close eye on our changing website for information regarding those events for some volunteering opportunities.

    We would also like to inform club members that with the recent completion of the 2018 Casino we are now accepting project proposals for the upcoming casino funds we are expecting in June.  We are requesting that project proposals be submitted by June 1st, 2018 for consideration by the executive.  Projects will be considered as per the revised policy manual (version 2018.2 or later).  Please reach out to the executive if you have any questions regarding the project proposal process.

    Thank you

    73 de VE6NR


  • 16 Mar 2018 9:53 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    What a month of activity for the club and it’s members!  With the Cookie Race, Cochrane Winter Rally, Casino all behind us with the help of very many volunteer hours to make those events work like clock work… Great job everyone involved, especially Tony Mountjoy VE6MX, Dana Harding VA6DJH, Garry Spicer VE6GDS, Dave Cason VE6DED our volunteer and event coordinators.  Fantastic work team… you clearly knocked the word “amateur” out of amateur radio.

    All this in addition to all the other regular club activities going on such as the various group meetings (general, special interest groups) and the presentations at each of them, radio contests, nets, work on the website and Key Klix, and many more things that is creating a buzz within the club.  I am continued to be amazed and impressed by the efforts put in by members.  Let’s all try to make sure the same 10 percent aren’t doing all the work, I call to all members to contribute where you can…. Every little bit counts.

    As we prepare for the Flea Market which takes place on April 14th, we are still looking for some volunteers to help at the door, setup and tear down, etc… If you are interested in contributing some time to a great event for the Amateur Radio community, please e-mail your club executive:

    But that is not all…. We have been working with Pat Spencer VE6PDS on some behind the scenes changes to our website, and now it’s time to look at making changes that are more visible.

    2018 will be an exciting year of change for the CARA website.  The website has a long history and it is time to do some housecleaning and implement some changes.  The list of improvements that we are planning include a more efficient menu, better mobile support, less confusion on where “Members-only” content is located, and a general cleanup of old data.

    There will also be an update this year to the Wild Apricot hosting software that will greatly improve our ability to manage access to the website for content contributors.  We expect to see a lot smoother operation of the overall website management going forward. 

    We will be adding a new Blog for communicating Web Site Updates that will allow members to track what changes have been made.  When the changes are implemented, members can review the details and avoid unwelcome surprises.   

    In the meantime, you may see minor changes as we ramp up the preparations and get closer to a refresh.

  • 24 Feb 2018 7:45 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    As we enter the next few months it is evident that the club is busy and hopping.  We have several club volunteers stepping up to help on some CARA supported events such as 2018 Cookie Race (Feb 24th), 2018 Cochrane Winter Rally (Mar 4th), the 2018 CARA Casino (Mar 8th and 9th) and the upcoming 2018 CARA Spring Flea Market (Apr 14th).

    These events could not be there without your support.  Thank you, volunteers!

    There is still a need for additional volunteers at some of these events.  Please login to the CARA website and reach out to the event coordinators to see how you could help.  Information can be found both in the event calendar and in the members blogs on the website.

    The executive has also been on a few different fronts.

    CSCC Club Station

    We continue to work with the CSCC executive to get updates on the remediation of the bathrooms and to ensure appropriate documentation indicating that the building is a safe location that we can all enjoy once again.

    Casino Funds

    The executive continues to explore our current and previous unspent Casino Funds to ensure we are funding projects that meet the use of proceeds requirements and benefits our club, its members, and the overall general public and amateur community.  As we prepare for our 2018 Casino we intended to have any outstanding funds assigned to approved projects so a clean slate can be had with the 2018 funds.

    Revisions to the Policy Manual

    There are some revisions to the policy manual which will be posted on the website and Key Klix.  There were some items that didn’t seem clear or seemed counter to the bylaws.  We look forward to your feedback at the next general meeting or through the website.

    2018 Spring Flea Market

    We are still in need of several volunteers to help out with the event.  Please contact the CARA executive if you are interested in volunteering some of your time at the event. 

    We are working on setting up learning conferences, raffle and door prizes, and many other things…. I look forward to seeing many of you at this event.

  • 24 Jan 2018 11:06 PM | Stephane Raimbault (Administrator)

    I wanted to wish every one of you a happy new year and welcome to 2018. 

    This has been an incredibly busy time over the last month with getting myself up to speed with all the club activities in motion.  It is truly incredible to me how many volunteers are constantly keeping busy with all the various activities the club is involved in.

    The Club station is active and I had the joy of operating the club station remotely for the RAC Winter contest in December with other club members and guests and it was a blast.  If you haven’t considered what the club has to offer there, please make sure you reach out to the club station group who keeps the station in working order.

    Speaking of operating the club station remotely, we currently have an Advanced Class which began this month.  You require your advanced license to operate the club remotely.  There is no better chance to obtain your advanced license then through our instructor led class that CARA promotes.  If you did not have a chance to join the class however and would be interested in a future class, be sure to let the CARA Executive and Education Coordinator aware of your interest so that we can consider future Advanced Classes.

    The Executive held another meeting in early January to review the remainder of the 2016 Casino Funds and have allocated the remainder of the funds to submitted club projects.  Funds were approved to restore the repeater network into the Kananaskis (AQA) with a link through Wildcat Hills (AUY) and back to Calgary (RYC).  I could not describe a better project which promotes Amateur Radio then one that provides HAMs the ability to use handhelds or mobiles to communicate where there is little to no cell phone coverage.  I look forward to the links coming up over this spring and summer season.

    There are some upcoming club sponsored events that will be or has been looking for volunteers.  Be sure to reach out to the event organizers over the coming weeks.  More information will be posted on the website as we approach these events.

    2018 Cookie Race – Saturday, February 24th

    2018 Cochrane Winter Rally – Sunday March 4th

    2018 CARA Casino – Thursday March 8th, and Friday March 9th

    2018 CARA Spring Flea Market – Saturday, April 14th

  • 12 Dec 2017 3:03 PM | Ken Oelke (Administrator)

    Seasons greetings to all Hams and their loved ones.

    I have the honour to address the clubs’ membership through the president's message. With the recent resignation of 2 dedicated individuals from the board including our club president, I had the opportunity to let my name stand for the executive at the November general meeting. At the end of my first executive meeting in early December, I stood as the club's president.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for the countless volunteer hours by previous and current club members, not only executive members, but all the various aspects of our club from club memberships, to coffee and donuts at our meetings, and many more!

    This club keeps moving forward thanks to all of it's dedicated club members and the hours they put in. Thank you!

    There is some very important work currently on-going in the club. A few key items I see, are as follows.

    2016 Casino Funds - The executive is currently reviewing all submitted projects from its members and approving projects and funds as we wind down the available funds from the previous Casino.

    2018 Casino - There is ongoing work in preparing for the 2018 Casino. Please take the time to review the information regarding the 2018 casino on our website. The more volunteers we have the easier the work is. The funds raised through the Casino events help fund most of the CARA projects over the next 2 years. The 2018 Casino is scheduled for Thursday, March 8th and Friday, March 9th.

    Club Rooms and remote operations committees - Committees have been struck and are working feverishly to gather information to make a recommendation back to the executive and its members on how to proceed in these respective regards. The membership has identified these key items to help the club move forward and I certainly look forward to their recommendations.

    There are many other projects and important work that is on-going. Be sure to read up about all club activities on our website. Members who login to the website have access to a treasure trove of content (as I am discovering).

    The executive has also decided to move forward on organizing an Advanced Amateur Radio Class to begin in January. Stay tuned for updated information on our website regarding the class. With the increasing interest of operating remote stations, amateurs are reminded that Advanced qualifications are required to operate such stations. I encourage any members interested in operating the remote stations or increasing (or in many cases validating) your level of knowledge in our hobby to take the course to update your qualifications.

    Although I have been around Ham Radio all my life thanks to my father... it was the CARA courses, both basic and advanced that allowed me to obtain my ham radio qualifications! Kudos to all current and past instructor volunteers!

    In closing, I look forward to serving out the rest of the current executive's term as President and ensuring that the Club keeps serving its mandate of having fun and serving our community for its members.

    Thank you and 73 de VE6NR, Stephane Raimbault

  • 10 Nov 2017 5:06 PM | Gordon Hungerford (Administrator)

    The previous Board (July 2014 to April 2016) established the mission statement: "Have Fun and Serve Our Community". This statement is the top level of CARA’s Renaissance. The amateur radio hobby continues to evolve rapidly. Change is driven by technology, but also by the changing interests and needs of its community of members.

    Mission statements are short and broad and intended to provide general direction. CARA 's current Board thinks the mission statement aptly captured the club's value proposition for current and future members.

    Have Fun and Serve Our Community.

    The last word, Community, is perhaps the most significant: a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals. The sharing elements are powerful motivators for participation.

    I think it is safe to say that the interests and personal goals of individual members in the amateur radio community are very broad. Yet they can be identified, aggregated and explored within the club experience. Attitudes, perhaps not so much, but they have to be acknowledged and when necessary, dealt with.

    The current Board focused energy, time and debate in the last 14 months to establish a set of goals. The goals, presented below, are not fully crafted nor set in stone. They are however, formed to a point where they can be set before the membership for consideration within the context of "having fun and serving our community".

    The Goals

    1. The attraction/retention of new members to grow/sustain the future of CARA and the hobby of amateur radio;
    2. Examination of the suitability, sustainability and alignment of the club's current facilities and service offerings with existing and emerging interests in amateur radio;
    3. Collaboration with other established amateur radio organizations to identify opportunities to grow interest in the hobby and explore the possibilities of shared goals, assets and talents within the greater Calgary and regional organizations.

    The above brought focus to the Board's collective efforts toward engagement of more of its current members in shaping the club's future.

    The Strategy

    The motions presented at the CARA Annual Meeting on Oct 24 established a process by which a greater number of CARA members can actively participate and make a personal contribution to the practical implementation of the club's efforts to ‘Have Fun and Serve Our Community. Regrettably, the loss of Quorum of Executive members present prior to the votes on motions 2 and 3 will require a second presentation of these motions for ratification at the next General Meeting later this month.

    In closing, I have officially tended my resignation as President of the Calgary Amateur Radio Association. This is in response to my offer at the August 28th Board meeting to do so. The offer was made in my recognition that my leadership effectiveness was essentially spent. At the Board meeting Nov 8th, convened to accept that offer, it was suggested that I should also resign from the Board. I tender here my resignation from the CARA Board of Directors as well, but with the intention of remaining an active club member.

    My final statement as Club President is to express my gratitude to all the members who actively supported the club through participation in club meetings, events and activities over the past 14 months. You are the backbone of the club. You are the members who are having fun and serving our community in a selfless manner. You are the ones who will move the club forward as it realistically faces the challenges of repositioning its human and physical resources towards the interests and needs of its next generation of members. Please continue to do so and stay the course.

    Change is hard. Its hard to accept the need and hard to accomplish. In the last 14 months progress has been made in understanding the need for change. With the continued participation and voices of members supporting that need, accomplishment will follow.

    73 de VE6TI

    Gordon Hungerford

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