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Award Seeker needs ALBERTA QSO

  • 03 Jan 2019 3:20 PM
    Message # 6982377
    Robert (Administrator)

    Sent: Wednesday, January 2, 2019 7:28:24 AM
    Subject: Contact on 80 meters

    Hello Calgary Amateur Radio Association (VE6AO).  My name is Steve Platt,
    AC1DR.  I am trying to complete a "Worked-All-Canada" award on the Geratol
    Net (0100 UTC 3.667 Mhz).  It requires contact, and QSL confirmation, with
    all the Canadian Provinces and one Territory in the Extra Class portion of
    the US 80 meter phone band (ie. 3.6 - 3.7 Mhz). I have been having
    difficulty making contact with an operator in Alberta.  The contact can be
    made at any time and does not have to be made on the Geratol Net.   I
    understand your Club station has 80 meter capability.  From the photos on
    your QRZ page, your Club station looks quite capable.  I was wondering if
    someone at the Club would be willing to schedule a contact with me some
    evening at their convenience?  I was given your call sign by another
    Geratol Net participant that previously made contact with you.  Thanks for
    your help and Happy New Year!

    Steve Platt
    Vermont, USA

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