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Rocky Mountain Rally 2018

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  • 24 May 2018 10:26 PM
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    Friday Supper in Invermere

    Hi everyone;

    It looks like we have a number of people who are interested in pizza at Peppis Italian Fuel in Invermere (1018 8th Ave) on Friday evening. I'll aim to be there by about 6pm and get a table or two set aside. Those working Recce on Friday afternoon might be closer to 6:30 getting there, so I'll try to hold some seats.

    If you're planning to come and haven't already let me know, then please send me a quick email so I can estimate how many places we'll need.

    See you in Invermere!



    Garry, VE6GDS

    <mycallsign> at


  • 24 May 2018 9:31 AM
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    APRS Objects

    The APRS objects for RMR 2018 should now be visible on the IS. I'll beacon them on RF tomorrow on my way to Invermere. The objects include waypoints, points of interest, access points to the courses, control points, and blocker locations.

    See you there!



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 24 May 2018 9:28 AM
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    En Route Repeaters

    I trust that everyone has their kit together and is ready to head for Invermere! It looks like the weather will be mostly favourable, so it should be a great time.

    Here are some repeaters that you may want to monitor along the way, if your route takes you from Calgary to Radium.

    VE6RYC 146.850 -0.6 T110.9 Calgary Nose Hill, CARA, Calgary to Canmore

    VE6AUY 147.060 -0.6 T110.9 Cochrane, Wildcat Hills, CARA, Northwest Calgary to Canmore

    VE6RMT 147.360 +0.6 T110.9 Canmore, CARA, Canmore to Banff

    VE6HWY 147.330 +0.6 Lake Louise, Protection Mountain, CARA, West of Banff to Lake Louise and East Kootenay National Park

    VE7KNP 146.700 -0.6 T131.8 Kootenay Crossing, Wild Rose, Kootenay National Park

    VE7PNR 146.880 -0.6 T131.8 Radium, Mount Sinclair, Wild Rose, Kootenay National Park and East Kootenay region

    VE7RIN 146.85 -0.6 Fairmont Hot Springs, EKARC, East Kootenay region


    Garry, VE6GDS 

  • 23 May 2018 7:58 AM
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    Radio Operators Handbook

    Here is the Radio Operators Handbook. This document is the one that all radio operators will need to have nearby on rally day. It has basic radio configuration information, radio operator checklists, operating procedures, assignments, maps, directions, schedules, and log sheets. While printed booklets should be available at the briefing on Saturday morning, I advise that all radio operators have a copy (printed or electronic) with them just in case.



    Garry, VE6GDS 


  • 23 May 2018 7:41 AM
    Reply # 6255841 on 5995683

    Recce Radio Operators

    For those radio operators who are planning to help with recce on Friday, I have been instructed to ask you to check in at the Amber room at Copper Point Resort. There will be other rally folks there who can help you get set up.



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 23 May 2018 7:37 AM
    Reply # 6255839 on 5995683

    Updated Radio Configuration Guide

    Here is an updated guide with some minor errata addressed. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks, Dana, for catching those items.



    Garry, VE6GDS 


  • 23 May 2018 7:18 AM
    Reply # 6255815 on 5995683

    Updated Maps

    Here are the updated map files for RMR 2018. There are some significant changes from the previous version I posted, so you likely want to be using these ones on rally day.



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 23 May 2018 12:54 AM
    Reply # 6254692 on 5995683

    Radio Configuration Guide

    Here is a link to the current version of the Radio Configuration Guide for RMR 2018. This guide should provide all the information you need for access to repeaters, simplex channels, 70cm cross band frequencies, and recommendations for FRS channels.

    As noted in my previous post, there will be some Ham operators who will need to relay for FRS operators. However, we won't likely need to use FRS in every instance where the Rallymaster felt it was an acceptable alternative. I've left the FRS references in the documentation, though, just in case we have to make some last minute changes.

    As usual, please be sure to check back here for any updates that may be posted before rally day.



    Garry, VE6GDS 

  • 23 May 2018 12:26 AM
    Reply # 6254674 on 5995683

    Assignments List

    Here it is - the list of radio operator assignments! Have a look and let me know if anything seems incorrect or if you need to have a change made.

    Note that operators on the Day 1 Alpha to Delta (Blocker 12) leg will be moving to the Delta (Blocker 12) to Charlie / Echo leg part way through the day. This movement will be guided, so we'll be able to make it work - just like at Kananaskis.

    Some positions also mention use of FRS. This doesn't mean you have to use FRS if you're not responsible for the relay of an FRS operator. I've just left some of the notes in place so that we can adapt to any situations that may develop on rally day. However, some Hams will be the relay for unlicensed FRS operators. So, check to see if you are a designated relay, and if you need to borrow an FRS radio, please let me know as soon as possible.

    If you have concerns, let me know: <mycallsign> at



    Garry, VE6GDS


  • 20 May 2018 3:50 PM
    Reply # 6245552 on 5995683


    Hey, Crew!

    I'm working on the duty roster, and as we all know by now, we're short on licensed radio operators. So, we'll be filling in with unlicensed folks using FRS/GMRS radios and relaying traffic to/from the main net. That means we need all our licensed operators to bring FRS/GMRS radios to keep in touch with the unlicensed operators.

    If you don't have and can't bring an FRS/GRMS radio, please send me a note so that I know ahead of time. We'll see about equipping you with some on-loan units. However, it's worth having a set of these around. If you're looking for something to get for your go-kit, a set of FRS/GMRS radios is a good add.

    Also, if you have small receivers or scanners that you wouldn't mind lending to an FRS/GMRS operator, it would be great to bring such devices along. The unlicensed operators might like to be able to monitor the main channel(s) and hear the action.



    Garry, VE6GDS


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